Happy and Healthy Holidays 2 u all!


Hi Friends,

  As the snow gently fell today, I was thinking (once again) of how grateful I am (usually) to live in Maine and for the support of you all. Life here is amazing and with recent local election results, I’m hoping to be singing at a lot of weddings in the upcoming year!! Have a safe and happy season and check out my “see” page for the latest in gig updates…

 peace and snowflakes,


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  1. Hey Lynn,

    I was very excited this election season, too. I was over the moon to see Anya on the stage as they announced that marriage equality passed. Anya was the campaign compliance director and treasured for the campaign. I had planned to volunteer the month of October, as I did for the last effort, but ended up having a couple of surgeries for kidney stones and hydronephrosis. Pretty much back to myself and enjoying being a nurse on a dementia ward.

    If anyone needs a wedding singer reference for you, let me know:) You worked your magic for us 31 years ago.

    Be well.


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