in the amphitheater at the Fayah…Adult Ed class…



Hello again friends,

It’s been a crazy fun and yet, restful summer. I’m just getting back from a wonderful backpacking trip in the Sierra Nevada’s of California…gorgeous and majestic…the pic above was taken in Yosemite…it’s good to be back home and I wanted to let you know of a few upcoming events..

Saturday, 9/24/16 (12pm-1:1pm)-Common Ground Country Fair in Unity, Maine. I’ll be performing on the amphitheater stage with guitarist Robby Coffin at this annual pilgrimage of so many Maine lovers of all things sustainable… Grab an early lunch and come hang with us…in the giant field where kids spend hours sliding down the hill on cardboard boxes (ahhh, love of the simple pleasures).

Also, I’ll be offering a 6-week adult education course entitled “Mindfulness in Everyday Life” at Gardiner High school on Thursdays beginning 9.29.16. For further details/to register:





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