Lynns’ 2017 summer into Fall scoop…


Hello Friends,

It’s been a spectacular Maine summer here-backpacking, kayaking, sun, gigs, family time, tubing, even a turbo, 3 day cross country RV trip…and it only gets better from here…ICELAND! for a backpacking and tourist adventure is on the docket for 2 weeks then, I’ll be resting/rejuvenating at Blue Cliff monastery in New York (  where I am humbly being ordained into the “Order of Interbeing”). Mindfulness and meditation has become a Big part of my Path and I am so happy to live it and share it in a variety of forms-music, being one…

Robby Coffin and I will join up to close out the summer at Drummore Bay Concert Hall in Phippsburg and again for two “Graze at Pineland Farms” shows. To end October, a long-awaited reunion show with Anni Clark and Dan Merrill in “under the song tree!” All show details and the latest are available at


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  1. Lynn…so wonderful the way you live your life! You are indeed, a blessing to all! Keep on rockin old friend! Tell your family hello from The Hall’s!!!!

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