Maine singer-songwriter, Lynn Deeves began “entertaining” at an early age-creating songs about her teachers and imitating the stars of the day. Her Mom says she’s been “on-stage” since the day she was born!!
After graduating from the University of Maine at Farmington with a degree in Rehabilitation/Psychology, Lynn Deeves spent 17 years as a high-energy “chicksingah” on the New England top-40 club circuit. Oh, the ’80s…

    In 1995-enroute to a gig, Deeves flipped a band truck over on an icy back road. This proved to be her “wakeup call” and she answered in 1996, with “Connecting the Dots”-a versatile mix of originals merging folk, blues and gospel influences. Lynn’s sophomore effort “Soul Food” followed, celebrating Spiritual Growth, Nature, Diversity, and Humor. Lynn’s trademark is her rich, soulful voice combined with a sharp wit and dynamic stage presence.

Deeves’ latest release “Live at Slate’s” expands upon themes of humor & spirituality and was recorded in front of a home town crowd in  Hallowell, Me. She gets support from diva’s Colleen Sexton and Trina Hamlin.
   Lynn has shared stages with: America, Janis Ian, Cheryl Wheeler, Catie Curtis, Ellis Paul and many more. Musical travels have taken her around New England as well as to Canada, Arizona, California, Colorado and Nashville.
   Deeves has been named Maine Female Vocalist of the Year and won 2nd place in the New England Songwriting Contest.
          Lynn was selected to contribute a track to the “Pink Album“-“27 of the greatest women recording artists” in Maine.

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