when: Saturday March 3, 2018 (8-9:30 pm) 

what: house concert  (free to Inn guests)                                                                                                                                                                 where:  The Highlands Inn Bethlehem, NH    



when: Wednesday March 7, 2018 (7-9pm)

what: Maine Songwriters’ Association, Songwriters on Stage (with Ronda Dale and Jeff Trippe)

where: Frontier Cafe and Theater at 14 Maine Street in Brunswick, Me.



June 21-15, 2018-tentative return tour with Trina Hamlin and Colleen Sexton (stay tuned for gig details)


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  1. So excited to have your soul~full self at Nurture Through Nature for our big celebration! You have always been such a big support and I would love to reciprocate that towards you and your good work and music in this world.

    • Jen,
      You’re such an inspiration to many of us, in having a vision/dream and following it through…while allowing room for the Universe to steer…can’t wait to see you on May on the East Coast…maybe some of the snow will have melted by then…

    • Hi Pam, Thanks for your inquiry. You can order music through me and pay online via pay pal or send a check to me. I have 3 solo CD’s and one with a trio of Maine songwriters. The fee would be $17 per unit, including shipping. Let me know how you’d like to proceed.
      in peace,

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